History Of Online Craps

sure that hundreds of you who are reading this article have over and over again played the game of craps on the web given the ease of access. Find casinos with best casino bonus here at casinoace888.com. In addition, there are those who have won some serious jackpots thus transforming their lives for the better. But, how many of you actually know the history of online craps which you so much love? Maybe only a handful of you are familiar with the contrasting stories that surround the game. However, the article seeks to shed some light on the history of online craps which you can play at Grand 21 Casino online.

There have been conflicts on the origins of the game of craps for years and there seem to be no agreement that is forthcoming on its actual roots as every country seeks to take ownership of the game. There is one theory that links the game of craps to one Richard Epstein. It is believed that the game was played and enjoyed in the prehistoric times. It is believed that Richard Epstein who was an English Knight invented the game when he and other Knights were bored to death after besieging a castle. The game was later to be known as Hazard. Some of the rules that are used in the game to-date are believed to have been formulated in the 1700s. But, there is still some hazy clouds surrounding the actual origin of the game as it has been corrupted over the years by the different civilizations that came to adopt it so as to suit their purpose, you can also play other games like Baccarat Online game.

While it is difficult to establish the actual roots, an even more complex tax is establishing the actual name of the game. However, the name is strongly believed to have come from the English phrase craps or from the French word crapeaud meaning toad. When it comes to this juncture, a majority of gambling historians tend to have conflicting views. There is no doubt that it is a harshly debated subject amongst a majority of scholars of our time as well as the self-proclaimed professionals in gambling, Betwinston no deposit code will of good use. The end results has always been tears and in worse cases fistfights as to who is right on the origins.